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Application Of E27 2W LED Grow Light In Plant Growth

In recent years, with the continuous development of agricultural production technology, in order to improve the yield and reduce the cycle of the plant grow that plant growth demands, artificial light sources, particularly E27 2W LED grow light, are increasingly used in plant growth areas, such as the growth of vegetable, melon and fruit, flowers, nursery, and so on.

E27 2W LED Grow LightThis LED grow light is paid great attention in recent years with the rapid development of a new type of lighting source. As a new type of lighting source, this LED grow light has many characteristics different from other kinds of electric light source, which make it become the first selection of energy conservation and environmental protection light source. In recent 10 years, facility horticulture area has developed rapidly in our country, and the grow light technology has been closely noticed. Facility horticulture light technology is mainly used in two aspects. One is for supplement plant photosynthesis radiation when there is less sunlight and shorter sunshine time, and the other is for light irradiation induced morphogenesis as plant photoperiod.

E27 2W LED Grow Light SizeThis E27 2W LED grow light can also be applied to space ecological system. Establishing controlled ecological life insurance system is the basic way to solve the problem of long-term manned space life support, and one of its key technology is light. Compared with the cold white fluorescent lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp and other light source, this LED grow light is more effective in converting light energy into photosynthetic effective radiation. In addition, the LED grow light has the advantages of long life span, small volume, light weight and solid state. It is quite clear that this LED grow light is functional and practical.

In short, this E27 2W LED grow light has been highly developed and highly noticed due to its practical function and wide uses. It is no wonder that this LED grow light in recent years has been paid much attention in the course of cultivation of plants in the ground and space.

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