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Analyzing The Components Of 5M RGB 3528 LED Strip Light

5M RGB 3528 LED strip light is the code name of a type of LED strip light which is widely used as decoration subject in festivals, parties, events, and performance. Though it have been put into use in many places, there are still many people who have no idea of the components of it. Now let’ s analyze the components of it in details.

5M RGB 3528 LED Strip
5M RGB 3528 LED Strip

5M RGB 3528 LED strip light is made up of 3528 RGB LED strip light, remote controller, PCB connector and so on. 3528 RGB LED strip light is super bright, having high intensity and stability, and low power consumption. Unique circuit design with strong resistance against static electricity ensures the stability of the strips for long lifespan guarantee. This strip light is energy-saving and environmental-protecting due to the well performance of its component. It is waterproof, able to be used in rainy or snowy days. This makes it practical and useful.

The remote controller of the light contains 44 keys. There are 6 DIY keys among them for remembering the colors you preferred. You can store these colors at your preference. The controller can assist people in controlling the strip light remotely without standing closely to the strip light. It can adjust the brightness of the light, making the light soft and stable. It is easy to install and simple to use.

As for the connector, it can do the job of connection. In making the most of the light, the connector is helpful. Many shapes and designs can be formed with the assistance of it. It is no need to soldering, and it is easy to store and free to maintenance. It is obvious that it make convenience to people.

After analyzing the components of 5M RGB 3528 LED strip light, you can have a clear picture of the strip light. The well performance and excellent function of the light can be shown in front of people. It is believed that it is a beneficial and valuable product for people to have.

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