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Amazing Lighting And Easy Operation Of RGB IC LED Strip

The topic today is about RGB IC LED strip, which is the most commonly used LED strip on the fiercely competitive market. This strip is extremely well known for its amazing lighting and easy operation. In the following, let’ s talk about its lighting performance and operation in details.

Applying SMD 5050 RGB mixed colors LEDs, this strip has amazing and excellent lighting effects with high energy efficiency and low power consumption. Lighting effects include many colors changes and dimming. It can also be flashing, fading and chasing, red, blue, green auto changing. This strip has 133 different changing patterns and changing speeds, quite amazing and fantastic. If you get this strip for yourself, you can use it to perform a dream colors lighting effects.
RGB IC LED strip
Through operating the controller of this strip, you can make full use of this RGB IC LED strip for lighting and decorating. The controlled is designed for LED production which uses IC as driver, extremely useful for lighting box advertisement, stage lighting, house decorating, holidays, Christmas decorating and so on. By pressing the ON/OFF button, it can open or close LED anytime. By pressing play/pause button, you can see the static affection of LED. S+ button represents quick speed quick, and S- button represents slow speed. B+ button means program choosing up direction, and there are 94 programs in all. B- button means program choosing down direction. As for M- button, it means reducing, to reduce the IC NUMBER, and the least number is 3. It is no doubt that the operation of this strip is easy and simple. RGB IC LED strip

It is obvious from the above that this RGB IC LED strip is really amazing in lighting and easy in operating, making it extremely practical and popular on the market. It is no wonder that this strip is the most commonly used LED strip.

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