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Advantages Of Double Row LED Strip Light

Have you heard of double row LED strip light? Do you know what it is? Do you understand the advantages of the strip light? The strip light is a famous type of lights, used widely and broadly. The following will tell you the advantages of the strip light.

Double Row LED Strip Light
Double Row LED Strip Light

The strip light refers to the LED assembly in banded FPC or on the PCB board, shaped like a ribbon. Because of its long service life, it is used for illumination and decoration. By adopting soft FPC as the base board, the strip is soft and unbreakable, and it can function well in advertising.

The double row LED strip light is energy saving and environment protecting. The strip light has high energy efficiency with low power consumption, saving a lot of energy for people. Now matter it is LED or FPC, the materials of the strip light is environment protecting and recyclable, causing no environmental pollution and destruction.

The strip light has applied low voltage DC 12V power supply for safe. Both the elderly and children can use the strip light securely at ease. The strip light installation is very simple. Double-sided adhesive can be used to install the strip light easily and conveniently, and you can also really enjoy the DIY decoration.

Thanks to its advantages, the strip light is applied widely and broadly. It can be used in building outline, the steps, booth, bridge, hotel, KTV decorative lighting, as well as the production of advertising signs, all kinds of large animation, calligraphy and painting of advertising design and so on.

All in all, the double row LED strip light has many advantages which can be seen clearly from the above, ensuring the wide use of the strip light. The strip light is absolutely a useful and practical product for both illumination and decoration.

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  1. How wonderful the double row LED strip light is! My room is more colorful and beautiful due to this strip light. I give a five star to it.

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