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A Starter’s Guide to the Best TikTok Lights

Instagram got golden hour, YouTube got ring light and the most popular app the planet right now, TikTok, has what is referred to as TikTok Lights. Ok, I know you are a bit confused, especially if you have no idea on what tiktok lights are, so, here it is;

TikTok Lights

Tiktok lights are long strips of LED lights (colored) that often come with a remote control and are commonly used by tiktok users when shifting, say, from pink to blue to purple along their bedroom walls. More to that, if millenials had tropical house plants and pale pink walls, the largely adolenscent generation-z has stripped-down dorms or bedrooms, not more than a strip of lights to make it their own. The truth of the matter is, tiktok lights are transforming your typical bedroom, making it to creative cocoons, covered in soft lighting, giving you the best comfort and experience.

These lights are on demand a lot these days. As a matter of fact, you might even not see it on large retailers like amazon. You might even find yourself being redirected to LED lightings.

Let’s get something straight here though; tiktok lights are not there to make us feel sexier, moodier or even more festive whenever we are around colored lights. I mean, this is why we have indie movies, Christmas trees, and seedy clubs. Tiktok lights can simply be seen as the next logical stage that comes after the twinkle lights, which are pretty common among the millenials. The essence of having tiktok light setup is to bring out a vibe-y room that’s full of color with LED light strips.

It is important to note that LED lights aren’t the only ones used, there are other alternative colored light sources, especially to those looking to double their purchase time or even double the contribution to the cause referred to as the vibe.

To get your tiktok lights, head out to, make your order and they will be delivered to your location in no time.

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