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A Smart Light Bulb with Happiness, ARILUX AL-B05

Tech world does not stand in one place. Everything changes, and “smart” gadgets gradually fill the life of every human being. And what surprising is that every year they are becoming so much that sometimes it is impossible to have time to keep track of all the news. Using common household appliances is becoming easier. Smart technologies are popping up everywhere, and the house can be controlled directly by your smart phone. Of course, so do the smart light bulbs. Today, I want to show you a new smart light bulb, ARILUX AL-B05.

f63f8da9-c4a0-48d8-a067-42748771179f Arilux is new brand who aims to provide smart LED products and make LEDs magical gadgets in the house. ARILUX AL-B05 is the first smart bulb provided by Arilux, which controlled by Bluetooth 4.0. I like this fantastic bulb because it does a lot of magic and it’s so different from traditional bulbs.

2e4e65b5-3018-4661-851c-703beb5f3d84Before use the light bulb, users can search “LED Magic Light v2” in IOS App store or “Magic Light-BLE” in Google play store, and then download the APP and open the Bluetooth at their mobile phone. Make sure that the Bluetooth version is above 4.0, and then open the APP and connect the Arilux bulb to the mobile phone. There are several color options. When they open the APP, users can see a color palette. The bulb color will change as they move fingers around the palette. Users can get the bulb color from the palette as they like in different situations and moods. Normally, we have warm light in our houses after we get back home from work. The warm light option in this bulb is dimmable. Users can also adjust the brightness. Just move their fingers to get the most comfortable brightness they like. The brightness shows in the top left.


In addition, there are 20 various color modes with the bulb, such as white strobe flash, 7 colors jumping change. As user chooses one of them, the bulb will do as the mode was set. But just one mode in each time, manufactures cannot make it play one mode after another. When users play music, the bulb will jump with the melody. This function is very useful for a party as everyone loves to dance in a party and the magic dancing light will make it easier to get into the mood and have fun.


BTW, if you are interested in this smart bulb, ARILUX AL-B05, you can get it from Banggood at the price of $15.68. This price will not break your bank, but the bulb will bring joy and happiness to your life and make it wonderful.


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