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5X E14 7W Light Bulbs: Perfect For Bedroom Lighting

When choosing bulbs for bedroom light, many people prefer LED bulbs than can produce warm and soft light. 5X E14 7W light bulbs can just meet those requirements, and many customers choose this bulbs for their bedrooms. To know more details about those bulbs, you can continue reading, and the following will show you in details.

Those bulbs are high quality LED corn bulbs. They are 95mm in height and 31mm in diameter. The voltage of those bulbs is 220V, not in the range of 12 to 24V, so that no professional LED voltage converter is needed, making the installation of those bulbs extremely easy and convenient. After easy and simple installation, those bulbs can surely work and function well for you in lighting. Those bulbs are suitable for office, living room, kitchen, shopping mall.
5X E14 7W light bulbs
Applying SMD 5730 LED, those 5X E14 7W light bulbs can produce 650 lumens output, with 360 degree beam angle. The light color is warm white, and the color temperature is 3000 to 3500K, quite suitable and comfortable for eyes. As LED lights, those bulbs are energy saving and environment protecting. If you apply them for practical use, those bulbs can save energy and money for you and cause no harm to your health and environment protection. Besides, those bulbs have super long life span, quite durable and safe for long time use. It is no doubt that using those bulbs for illumination is fairly economical and beneficial.
5X E14 7W light bulbs
In a word, those 5X E14 7W light bulbs are really ideal and perfect for bedroom lighting, because of their high quality, easy installation, harmless lighting and long life span. If you are searching for LED bulbs for bedroom lighting, those bulbs are absolutely best choices for you to have. Getting those bulbs for bedroom lighting seems to be a good suggestion.

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