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3 In 1 LED Laser Pointer Brings Convenience to People

3 in 1 LED laser pointer is a completely brand new multifunctional ball pen. It is a three-in-one product, which means it plays three roles itself, that is ball point pen, LED light and laser pointer. One item possesses three function, able to do the job of three, bringing a lot of convenience to people.

3 In 1 LED Laser Pointer
3 In 1 LED Laser Pointer

People often bring a pen with themselves for writing or recording something. The pen they carry with should be portable and light in weight. 3 in 1 LED laser pointer is a pen satisfied with all the requirements as it is a ballpoint pen to carry with conveniently and it only has 16g weight. It is a good choice for people.

The pen can do the job of illumination, and it has LED light which has high and strobe modes for people to select. The light is energy-saving, compact and reliable, bringing light to you in the darkness. It is a sweet and convenient light for people to use. Besides, it can be used as laser pointer. It is applied widely in teaching, multimedia teaching and academic meetings occasions. With laser function, the pen is great for pointing at objects from both a long and a short distance. It does great help for people who are in teaching or meeting occasions.

The pen is powered by 3 x LR41 button batteries. With enough power supply, the pen can play the three role responsibly and excellently. This innovative and cute designed pen has various colors for people to choose, such as silver, deep red, green, black, blue and so on. People can have their favorite colors as they like.

It is obvious from the above that 3 in 1 LED laser pointer brings convenience to people due to its well performance and function. It is helpful and useful for people, and it is worthwhile to own it.

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