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12V Power Supply Adapter – benefit your life

Did you know that initially, AC and DC power supply adapters were linear power supplies fitted with a transformer? Quite interesting. The transformer was used for conversion of the mains electricity to a lower voltage. The adapter had a rectifier which converted AC power to DC power. Currently, the switch mode power supply is in use. The current power adapter works over a wide range of voltage and frequencies.

12V power supply

12V Power Supply Adapter

The 12v power supply adapter converts 110-240V mains AC power to 12V DC power supply. This type of adapter is mostly used to charge, or power battery operated electrical devices. The power adapter protects the device from an electrical power surge and short-circuiting.


There are very many models and types of power adapters. Unless a power adapter has been designed well and fitted with quality components, and the electric device can be damaged by an overload. Even transient power for example lightning can cause an overload if the adapter in use is of poor quality. To safeguard your electrical devices from an electrical surge, one needs to choose the right power adapter.


Features of the 100-240V AC to 12V DC Power Supply Adapter for LED Strip Light

The power supply adapter has an input voltage of 100-240V alternating current with an amperage of 1.6A and a frequency of 50/60Hz. The output voltage is 12V direct current with an amperage of 5A and power of 60Watts.


The DC connector dimensions are 125mm by 55mm by 21mm. The cable length is 2.3m which is longer than most similar 12V power supply adapters available in the market. The cable length is long enough to reach the wall socket without having to redesign the electrical planning of the room.


The adapter has an inside positive and an outside negative. It offers short-circuiting and overload protection and also prevents overheating of the LED strip light. The adapter comes with four kinds of plugs, US, UK, EU, and AU according to your needs.

led light bulb adapter

Why buy the 100-240V AC to 12V DC Power Supply Adapter for LED Strip Light?

Did you know that this 12V power supply adapter can be used for security cameras, wireless router, audio video power supply, HUB, and switches? The power adapter is manufactured using high-quality materials hence you are guaranteed of the longevity of the adapter and electrical device used.


Most of our clients who have purchased this 12V power supply adapter have given excellent reviews. Most have described it as having solid building material and a long enough cable for the LED strips. One of the users described it as top in the market, and it proved to be working well with the LED strips and also the audio amp.

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