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12v light power adapter is a necessary light accessory at home

A power adapter normally converts energy from AC of 110 – 240 V to DC that can be used by our devices. Today, there are so many power adapters on the market. This gives the buyer a challenge of being very vigilant in order to buy the best. Your eyes should be wide open when reading the labels indicating voltage. First, the labels must be there and must be very clear. You should also check the specifications against your intended use. Importantly also, check the plugins and polarity. Today, there are adapters with up to four kinds of plugins, long cables, and high voltage conversion rates. Pick wisely.


AC 100-240V to DC 12V 5A 60W Power Supply Adapter For LED Strip Light

This is a superior power supply adapter in the market. With clear labels, check out for power, input voltage, output voltage, measurement, plugin and the nuisance indicator lights. The results will surprise you.

 12v power supply


High power levels

The 12v power supply adapter LED strip lights comes with the power of 12v 5A 60W. Checking the volts, amperes and Watts ratios and capacities, this is a quality adapter to use for LED lights.


Input voltage

Clear your fears for your high power input levels. This adapter takes a wide range of AC power. The input should be 110 to 240V, 1.6A and 50 to 60Hz. Higher inputs could be disastrous for this adapter.


Output voltage

As expected for LED light adapters, this also comes with 12DC voltage and 5 amperes. 12v is just good for light. This adapter is thus made with you in mind.

12v power supply

Average adapter size

Avoid the adapters that are of cumbersome to carry around and keep. Modern technology allows for smaller but complete and complicated devices. This adapter measures 125 x 55x 30mm. It is compact, sizeable and easy to carry around.


4 plugins available

This adapter is just wonderful. To avoid confusion or compatibility failures, it comes with four kinds of plugins which you have to choose when buying. The plugins AU, EU, UK, and the US. Depending on which you use at home, the choice lays in your hands.


No indicator lights

Most people tend to be disturbed by the uninvited indicator lights that appear in various corners of their homes. For this wonderful device, no nuisance, no indicator lights.


Long cable

The adapter is designed to stretch a bit long. Depending on the nature of work it does, 2.3 m cable will be good for many homes. It is long enough but not too long to disturb.

12v power supply

Clear label

Do not buy devices without labels or with unclear labels. Take home a device you know very well about its input, output, resistance, cable length and lighting power. This device has a clear and detailed label.


Your home is incomplete without a LED strip light adapter. Go for quality, class, and variety. Choose what is best and you will realize that this is it.

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