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10X G9 5W Corn Bulbs Provide You Comfortable Lighting Conveniently

Today, I am going to introduce you excellent and practical LED bulbs, called 10X G9 5W Corn bulbs. Those bulbs can provide you comfortable lighting conveniently if you get them for yourself and apply them for illumination. The passage here will show you how excellent and practical those bulbs actually are in the following clearly.

Those Corn bulbs are LED corn bulbs, obtaining 64pcs LED. One bulb is 50mm in height and 15mm in diameter. One bulb can produce 240 to 270 lumens output, with 360 degree beam angle. The light color is warm white, and the color temperature is 3000 to 3500K, quite suitable and comfortable for eyes. It is obvious that those bulbs are really great and perfect for lighting in our daily life.

10X G9 5W Corn bulbs

As LED lights, those 10X G9 5W Corn bulbs are energy efficient and environment protecting, saving energy and money for you and causing no harm to your health and environment protection if you apply them for practical use. Those bulbs have super long life span, quite durable and safe for long time use. Applying those bulbs for illumination is undoubtedly beneficial and economical.

10X G9 5W Corn bulbs

Moreover, the voltage of those Corn bulbs is 85 to 265V, not in the range of 12 to 24V, so that no professional LED voltage converter is needed, making the installation of those bulbs fairly easy and simple. After easy and simple installation, those bulbs can surely work and function well for you in lighting.

10X G9 5W Corn bulbs

After knowing about the detailed information, you can see how excellent and practical those high quality 10X G9 5W Corn bulbs actually are clearly from the above. It is easy to conclude that those bulbs are worthwhile and practical products for you to have. Getting those bulbs for illumination, you can enjoy its comfortable lighting beneficially and conveniently.

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