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10X E27 LED Bulb Is Highly Recommended To You

Are you looking for high quality LED bulb for illumination? If yes, 10X E27 LED bulb is highly recommended to you as this bulb is really perfect and ideal for lighting. The passage here will introduce you this bulb in details, enabling you to see what this bulb is really like clearly.

This bulb is a type of corn bulb of E27, which looks like a corn, very cute and stylish. As a product of the famous brand, its high quality and excellent service are guaranteed. This bulb is 95mm in length and 31mm in diameter, and its voltage is 220V, not in the range of 12 to 24V, so that no professional LED voltage converter is needed, making it quite easy and convenient to install and use.
10X E27 LED bulb 1
Adopting 36pcs SMD 5730 LED, this 10X E27 LED bulb can produce bright and soft light with 650 lumens output. Its beam angle is about 360 degree. If used in room, this bulb can light up the whole space without any shadow. Its light color is white, and its color temperature is 6000 to 6500K. The lighting effects of this bulb is really amazing and attractive, ideal and perfect for illumination.
10X E27 LED bulb
Moreover, as a LED light, this E27 bulb has high energy efficiency and low power consumption, fairly energy saving and environment protecting for use. If you get it for yourself and apply it for illumination, this bulb can not only save energy and electricity expenditure for you, but also cause no harm to your health and environment protection. It is really economical and beneficial to use this bulb for illumination.

It is no doubt from the above that this 10X E27 LED bulb is really ideal and perfect for illumination. Since it is so economical, beneficial and practical for lighting, getting this bulb for illumination seems to be a good suggestion.

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