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After Three Years of Hard Work Banggood Occupies a Special at Hobby Expo China 2016


Recently, there was the 17th Hobby Expo China 2016, and it was held at the Beijing Exhibition Center during April 21 to 23. Banggood, being one of the strongest Chinese eCommerece websites, selling all sorts RC products participated in this event with a private booth.

In case you did not know, Hobby Expo China is the the largest and most comprehensive model exposition in the Asia Pacific area, and it focuses on introducing the world novel an innovative RC and hobby related models. Both established and startup companies attend this event along with visitors for multiple countries.

By attending this event, year after year, Banggood ensures that its customers get access to the latest products at the best prices in the market and stay updated about market trends. At last, there are some photos as following.













ARILUX AL-PL01, Concise-designed Pendant Lamp



The abundance of lighting designs does not limit the imagination when decorating classic and contemporary spaces. Selection of suspended and ceiling products contributes to supplement for laconic large and small rooms. Until recently, the common source of light in the apartment was chandelier, located in the center of the ceiling. Later, there were elegant sconces. But the requirements for the design and selection of lighting steadily increased. To date, taken to the room it was at least two (the more, the better) light source. There are different types of lamps: floor, ceiling and wall. These use a variety of materials, including metal, wood and glass.


Today, I’d like to introduce a kind of pendant ceiling lamp, ARILUX AL-PL01, which suitable for the restaurant, dining room, living room and kitchen. I have to firstly say that it has a particular charm and freshness of execution. This lamp is characterized by compact size and concise design.


The lever on top of the light easily allows users to customize the beam angle to their preference. The lamp is fully compatible with all E26/E27 LED bulbs. The ARILUX AL-PL01 pendant light has obtained CE, ROHS and FCC safety certification and comes fully assembled and ready to install. As the picture above showed, the lamp shade is white, modern and laconic. It helps to create perfect atmosphere for your room. And the unique petal design gives a comfortable feel. This lamp can be the perfect finishing touch for any house.


ARILUX AL-PL01 can be pre-ordered at the price of $46.89 at banggood.com. To get the true potential of this lamp, I recommend pairing it with one of the Bluetooth Bulbs, and then you can not only customize the beam angle but also the color and brightness of the light.



Loft Vintage T45, A Choice with Retro and Classic Style



I just want to say that table lamp is needed for any room and anyone. Selecting them nowadays is enormous. Let’s take a little closer look at this useful accessory: what it is and what to look for when choosing. Table lamps in the classic version consist of three parts, the base, column and the so-called light diffuser. The latter can be designed as a ceiling or textile glass lampshade, sometimes a bell of opaque material. The light source can serve by a conventional light bulb and a fluorescent or LED lamp.


Today, energy-saving light bulbs (e.g. dimmable LED lamp) are established in a fashion firmly. At relatively high (compared to normal) price, they have a much longer service life, low power consumption, and modern design. And eventually they pay back their cost. Almost always a table lamp design provides switch located on the ground or the power cord (at least on the plinth). Sometimes the design of the system provides for a dimmer allows you to adjust the brightness of the lighting. But as if someone’s room is in a retro style, the retro light, Loft Vintage T45 might be a right choice. Pictures as you can see, this dimmable table light is an excellent example of a retro compact and ergonomic luminaire.


An Edison bulb is fixed at a wood. A column of this lamp is made of a flexible design allows you to adjust the light source in any desired direction. It has a keyboard switches and sold with the appropriate type of lamps and power. The Light source is an incandescent lamp. As its vintage style design, this table lamp can be used in the study room, bedroom, living room, bar, Coffee shop, etc.


Loft Vintage T45 is on sale now, costs only $20.25, exactly an affordable price. It rapidly won the market. Consumers appreciated its versatility, practicality, comfort and unprecedented functionality. Feedback from customers is that wide adjustability of the light style became a decisive factor when buying such lamps.


A Smart Light Bulb with Happiness, ARILUX AL-B05


Tech world does not stand in one place. Everything changes, and “smart” gadgets gradually fill the life of every human being. And what surprising is that every year they are becoming so much that sometimes it is impossible to have time to keep track of all the news. Using common household appliances is becoming easier. Smart technologies are popping up everywhere, and the house can be controlled directly by your smart phone. Of course, so do the smart light bulbs. Today, I want to show you a new smart light bulb, ARILUX AL-B05.

f63f8da9-c4a0-48d8-a067-42748771179f Arilux is new brand who aims to provide smart LED products and make LEDs magical gadgets in the house. ARILUX AL-B05 is the first smart bulb provided by Arilux, which controlled by Bluetooth 4.0. I like this fantastic bulb because it does a lot of magic and it’s so different from traditional bulbs.

2e4e65b5-3018-4661-851c-703beb5f3d84Before use the light bulb, users can search “LED Magic Light v2″ in IOS App store or “Magic Light-BLE” in Google play store, and then download the APP and open the Bluetooth at their mobile phone. Make sure that the Bluetooth version is above 4.0, and then open the APP and connect the Arilux bulb to the mobile phone. There are several color options. When they open the APP, users can see a color palette. The bulb color will change as they move fingers around the palette. Users can get the bulb color from the palette as they like in different situations and moods. Normally, we have warm light in our houses after we get back home from work. The warm light option in this bulb is dimmable. Users can also adjust the brightness. Just move their fingers to get the most comfortable brightness they like. The brightness shows in the top left.


In addition, there are 20 various color modes with the bulb, such as white strobe flash, 7 colors jumping change. As user chooses one of them, the bulb will do as the mode was set. But just one mode in each time, manufactures cannot make it play one mode after another. When users play music, the bulb will jump with the melody. This function is very useful for a party as everyone loves to dance in a party and the magic dancing light will make it easier to get into the mood and have fun.


BTW, if you are interested in this smart bulb, ARILUX AL-B05, you can get it from Banggood at the price of $15.68. This price will not break your bank, but the bulb will bring joy and happiness to your life and make it wonderful.


Review of BlitzWolf BW-LT3

As you can see, BlitzWolf has made some incredible multifunction LED lights. The light that we’ll be looking at today is the BlitzWolf BW-LT3. This light is advertised as an emergency preparedness night light, and it would definitely exceed in that role. The BW-LT3 outputs 100 lumens white light from LEDs with the Lipo Battery 1200mA, and the color temperature is 5700K.


What’s more, BW-LT3 has a beautifully aerospace aluminum body, which absorbs and disperses heat away from the LEDs. The light is 107mm long, 33mm in diameter. And it’s long enough to fill the hand comfortably. In fact, this light has 5 lighting modes:

High – 5 hours runtime

Medium -8 hours runtime

Low – 20 hours runtime

Micro – 400 hours runtime

Strobe – 43 hours runtime


The lightning modes are actuated with a single power button. This button is also used to turn the flashlight on and off. The reflector on the flashlight is smooth, but the light still has a medium-sized center spot with a good amount of spill. It’s a great compromise, which should perform well for lighting up a larger area, as well as giving you enough throw to illuminate distant objects.


The BW-LT3 is also very comfortable to carry, as the package includes two lanyards for preventing the light from falling. This BlitzWolf multifunction LED Light is ideal for camping, hiking, cycling, fishing, reading, walking, home emergency, car Emergency, etc.


If you’re looking for a bright everyday emergency LED light, then the BW-LT3 may be just that light. You can get this light at banggood.com. It’s not expensive, just costs $8.99 in normal price for one unit. And there are big bargains if you buy more, $6.99 each unit for 1-20th orders, $7.99 each unit for 21-100th orders and $8.59 each unit for 101-300th orders. So, the more you buy, the more you save.